COVID-19 Update Thursday 18th February 2021:

VIC: Lockdown has now ended and travel restrictions have lifted. Masks are no longer compulsory in classes.

NSW: Sydney regulations do not require any mask wearing in classes, only public transport.

If you are attending this week please see further information below:

CPR First Aid is actively monitoring advice from the Australian Government, the Chief Medical Office and the Australian First Aid Training Council in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and precautions we must put in place to ensure client health and safety in our classes.


1. We are an essential service and still able to deliver first aid and CPR courses
2. We are required to ensure 1.5m social distancing requirements as an educational facility
3. We have implemented stringent hygiene practices:
  - hand washing / sanitising (20 second handwashing) before and after entering the class
  - hand washing / sanitising after touching any equipment
  - handwashing / sanitising is also enforced if a learner touches any personal belongings, such as a mobile phone, in the class environment
  - sanitised surfaces and equipment with antibacterial sprays
4. We have modified assessments:
  - no touching other learners in the classroom
  - learners will place themselves in recovery positions
  - 1 person using a manikin in their own space
  - Social distancing during all assessment activities
  - Bandaging – learners to bandage themselves or their manikin
  - CPR – learners to simulate CPR and will not put their face or mouth on manikins, but will still be given alcohol wipes and faceshields in line with our standard practices


• We ask that anyone contact us or postpone coming to one of our classes if they have been in contact with any person with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19, or if they themselves are feeling unwell.
• Any client who attends a class with flu like symptoms will be asked by the trainer to leave. We must ensure exclusion of anyone showing signs of being sick in our classes, for the safety of our staff and everyone else attending the training session.
• Sick clients should reschedule once they have medical clearance
• Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19:
  - Fever
  - Fatigue
  - Dry Cough
  - Sore Throat
  - Shortness of Breath
CPR First Aid has had no individuals with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in any venues across Australia, and our continued priority is to ensure we are being proactive for the safety of our clients, and staff.