While we have fabulous reviews from our wonderful clients we would also ask if anyone has any review we can learn from, comments or feedback, we would very much welcome them. If there is something that is not 100% great then we can address it immediately and continue to strive to be the best first aid training company that we can be. So we appreciate all feedback and continue to strive to provide the best first aid training in Australia.

Please see our reviews from real people that have posted comments about our services and what we have to offer as a business.

August 2020

11th of August - Winning Feedback from Sara
"I had an amazing experience with this company. I am very pleased with the course and so happy I got the chance to learn from these guys. I did an asthma and anaphylaxis course and it was very hands-on with real-life situations that I loved. The perfect balance between the online theory and the tasks we had to do. The trainer was very knowledgeable and explained everything in great detail. Being the youngest person there I was nervous but as soon as I entered I felt welcomed and included. Additionally, COVID-19 measures were put into place and there was nothing to worry about. We all wore masks, sanitised our hands, and received alcohol wipes for the equipment. I highly recommend doing all your First Aid and CPR courses here. Great prices, many locations with flexible times to choose from, and very professional staff. To add to this I received my certificate on the same day which was very exciting. Keep up the good work and I will be definitely coming back 😊"

6th of August - Winning Feedback from Erika
"Professional, enjoyable, friendly, organised, time management, hygienic are all components I like to receive in training, and all were delivered with a 5 star rating.
Thank you (and especially during COVID 19) you adjusted standards and policies to meet requirements. Well done.
I'll be back. 😊😊"

July 2020

28th of July - Winning Feedback from Joanne
"Very challenging Times with COVID restrictions in place so it was great to the instructor have the class set out with distancing between chairs, there was hand sanitizer available and alcohol wipes for the equipment we were touching, etc. My self and my son were doing the course together and prior to attending the course I had explained in an email and phone that my son has Autism spectrum disorder and may not necessarily be very social in the class and may struggle if things are not explained in a certain way or that he may need to re-ask a question if he doesn’t understand the girl on the phone was so lovely and said to put everything in n email and they will let the instructor know ..Bruce was our instructor for the day as soon as we arrived he straightaway introduced himself to my son and made him feel comfortable, the classes were fun and his explanations were clear and concise, my son really enjoyed his lesson and was even smiling and giggling at times because Bruce acknowledged everything he was doing so he felt at ease straight away. The COVID practices in place where great we had plenty of alcohols swabs to wipe down the equipment we were using, there was no mouth to mouth but they had alternatives in place, so we still got to practice on the dummies (and also 3 different types ie, infant, child, and adult) ... bandaging and epi-pens were done on yourself so there was no unnecessary touching and items such as EpiPen and asthma spacers, etc we were all given our own in a container so again no risk of touching other people’s. Well done guys it was an awesome fun day and we both would highly recommend. The only suggestion I would give would be to have clearer signage out the front like a sandwich sign to make it easily visible when driving past 😊"

22nd of July - Winning Feedback from Vanshika
"I definitely recommend booking your next CPR & First Aid course with this company. They have by far the best services available. I have been doing my CPR & First aid course with them for the last two years. Had a CPR class yesterday and was a bit worried about how they will manage my safety during these ongoing difficult conditions. Nevertheless, all my doubts got cleared when I stepped into the class as all the social distancing measures were appropriately done. Only a limited number of people were there in the class and the use of sanitizer after every point of contact. Chris was my trainer for yesterday and he was a well informed and engaging instructor. I have met various of their instructors and everyone is keen to provide high-quality knowledge to their students. Their concept of providing online modules before the face to face class is the best for the freshers which helps them in gaining the basic knowledge required for successful completion of your First Aid and CPR. My experience with them is great from the years and so can  be yours."

15th of July - Winning Feedback from Isabella
" Would highly recommend going to this CPR training as it is high-quality teaching for an affordable price. Customer service over the phone is terrific and it's very easy to access the learning component online. Ken was an engaging and knowledgeable instructor who created a very relaxed class through his easy-going nature. Learned much from this class and now I feel prepared to transfer the first aid skill I learned into a real-life scenario."

7th of July - Winning Feedback from Lance
"I just would like to give a shoutout to Theo for being a great teacher and also to the rest of the staff/personnel for providing timely information and results. I find the dealings and the training I had to be of excellent quality. I honestly could not find a fault at all from booking, online learning platforms, and actual face-to-face demonstrations. Theo gave a no-nonsense, practical, and usable tips in managing first aid and/or basic life support to anyone. Helping somebody out in any medical emergency surely will be traumatic and anxiety-inducing. Knowing the easiest way to help someone without too much thinking will enable anyone from handling a difficult situation and Theo managed to teach that skill."

2nd of July - Winning Feedback from Michael
"Excellent courses.  Second time doing both CPR and First Aid training and assessments with CPR First Aid.  The internet material, videos, and quizzes before class are very helpful.  Chris in Bundoora was a very good coach and his communication was clear and the class was fun.  I’ll definitely be renewing CPR yearly and First Aid every 3 years with CPR First Aid.  Definitely recommended this training for those who are required for work, even for anyone who’s not required, as you could help save someone in your family or friend's life or ease their pain and quicken emergency response in an accident.  Great value for money too."

June 2020

25th of June - Winning Feedback from Trina
"This is the second time that I've trained with CPR First Aid Australia and they're just fantastic. The training is comprehensive without being overwhelming.
Our trainer (Mark) made it interesting, relevant, and keep us all engaged. I always walk away from those sessions feeling informed but not overwhelmed.
The express course (so 4 hours with the trainer but work to be done beforehand) was a great way to do it. I'd highly recommend it....just make sure you set aside enough time to get through it. The online system is clear, well set up, easy to navigate, and has interesting videos throughout.
I love that my past certificates stay on file...one less thing to organise as I know I can always find it there.
Thanks for a great morning, Mark."

19th of June - Winning Feedback from Phi-Phi
"Was able to complete my first ever First Aid and CPR course here and I couldn't have expected and hoped for anything better! Staff was very welcoming and understanding and the facilities complied with the COVID19 restrictions in many ways, ensuring safety. The instructor was very competent, with many years of experience on him. The class was wonderfully enjoyable, informative, and comfortable! A great mix of theory for understanding and practical for consolidating. I would definitely recommend everyone and anyone."

12th of June - Winning Feedback from Sarah
"I came here with very little knowledge in this are conquering the HLTAID003 fast-tracked Course. I feel very confident in CPR and First Aid now, as the trainer was very in-depth and could answer all questions super well. I would recommend going to this particular course as even though it's fast-tracked it's still super easy to follow and the group sizes are perfect. I am happy to say I could help anyone in any situation knowing the legal aspects of the first aid as well."

2nd of June - Winning Feedback from Mustafa
"I was expecting reduction in teaching efforts because of the COVID19 but the trainer and CPR First Aid did an exceptional job by keeping up the standard of teaching and delivering the course in a safe and well-addressed manner. I did my course on the 30th of May for HLTAID003-4hts at 01:30pm. I will definitely recommend it."

May 2020

26th of May - Winning Feedback from Darcy Jane
"I'm so impressed with the course! I did the new Express First Aid course on Sunday and it exceeded my expectations. Owena and Dustyn are enthusiastic and knowledgeable - no question is an stupid question. You're able to do pre-work online from home which shortens the time spent in the class. The traditional 8-hour first aid courses now seem archaic!"

March 2020

19th March - Winning Feedback from Emily
"Completed the CPR and first aid course yesterday and thanks to the amazing instructor Allan, who took the time to make sure everyone was doing okay and also included everyone in the session made it an amazing experience! The session was very informative and was very easy to understand, and I left the session with all the knowledge that I need to know!! I would definitely recommend this course to all my friends that are undertaking nursing just like I am! Thank you so much to Allan and to the people that run this course for an amazing experience and I can't wait to come back next year!!"

11th March - Winning Feedback from Amiya
"A big thumbs up to the CPR First Aid company!
I completed the 4hr HLTAID003 Provide first aid and CPR course with Theo. The following reasons are why I will be returning to CPR First Aid next time:
- You complete the theory online prior to the practical component which makes the course much shorter.
- You receive your certificate of attainment on the day you complete the course via email.  
- The course is well organised, thorough but concise.
- Theo made the course both informative and fun because of his sense of humour and valuable 20 years of knowledge in this area.
I definitely will be coming back to do my First Aid and CPR training next time I need to renew my skills.  
Thanks again!"

4th March - Winning Feedback from Katerina
"Excellent training session and knowledgeable trainer completed a refresher CPR class and Denis not only gave us even more knowledge on how to improve our CPR skills, he gave us an important understanding of making sure we protect ourselves in unsafe situations. I would highly recommend this training facility."

February 2020

26th February - Winning Feedback from Kimberley Anne
"This is my second time completing my First Aid and CPR qualifications with CPR First Aid training, as part of my volunteer work. The first was organised separately in our hall. The second one was held at the Pitt St location. It was very convenient to access by public transport and was only a short walk from Town Hall Station. Both courses were extremely positive experiences and I can not recommend CPR First Aid training highly enough. The course was extremely helpful and informative and refreshed my first aid and CPR knowledge and taught me some new things as well. It was interesting to learn about the legal ramifications of first aid. The instructor (Dustyn) was amazing. He made the course very enjoyable and provided us with many real-life examples and was happy to answer all our questions. I also liked how the course was very hands-on and provided us with many opportunities to practice our skills including in real-life situations. The course was extremely easy to book into and the communication was great. I received regular reminders and information about how to get there and completing the online modules. The online modules were very detailed and contained plenty of information."

18th February - Winning Feedback from Deanna
"CPR First Aid Training is fantastic! I am very happy with the training I received. I received my training at the 550 Flinders St location. The trainer I had was Chris, who is a very friendly, approachable, knowledgeable person who has a great sense of humour. I would 100% recommend this company and trainer to anyone and everyone. Excellent job, thank you, Chris, for making 3.5 ish hours fun and full of laughs but also informative and professional. I especially appreciated the information regarding personal experience in CPR and first aid, which it’s evident Chris has a lot of experience in! I will be doing CPR training again in 12 months with your RTO! Thanks again, Chris! Keep up the amazing work."

12th February - Winning Feedback from Emily May
"I just completed my CPR Training at 'CPR First Aid Training' for the afternoon session with Scott. Firstly, he was very knowledgeable on the topic of First Aid and CPR, and he could answer any questions with ease. Secondly, he explained both the theoretical and practical components of the class efficiently. The session ran smoothly, and he gave great feedback to each of us. In a 2-hour session, Scott managed to get through each activity so that by the end of the class, we were all competent in understanding the acronym DRSABCD, as well as how to give CPR on an infant, child, and adult, as well as how to use a defibrillator machine correctly."

5th February - Winning Feedback from Tara Jane
"Completed the CPR course today at Bundoora - absolutely fantastic! This was my first time doing the course with this company (I have done many with others in the past). However, I really appreciated how interactive the class was and how enjoyable my instructor Jill made the course to be. It was definitely a great refresher course an I will be back next year. 100% recommended to anyone looking to learn CPR and first aid or needing it for their workplace. Worth the price - great work!!"

January 2020

30th of January - Winning Feedback from Madison Lily
"I've been doing my CPR course every year since 2014 and I have to say this was one of the best courses I've attended since then! Lisa was so informative and knowledgeable and not only that she made the class funa and engaging! Which can be hard to do with the heavy stuff that is being taught! But that's the best way to learn and the best way to soak in what is being taught, and I reckon I have actually taken more than any previous years of doing the course! It was such a great environment for those who have been CPR qualified for years or those who are just starting out couldn't recommend this company enough."

21st of January - Winning Feedback from Betty
"I've just recently moved to Melbourne from NZ and having to complete a first aid course as part of my requirement before starting work in childcare has been a great experience for me.  I have been very impressed with the level of communication CPR First Aid training provided me once I enrolled online to attend one of the courses. They gave me daily reminders of the course prerequisites (online theory work) that needed to be completed prior to the actual date of the course. This allowed me to have a better understanding of the theory side of things before putting it into practice which definitely made the session more efficient with having more time to practice. I must say it is very different from the first aid courses I did back in NZ, (low-key prefer this method of learning, no offense to NZ). I will also like to give a big thumbs-up to our trainer John who pretty much went through our session as quickly and swiftly as he could, due to some who were only there for parts of the session. He interacted with us very well and even had the stories and jokes to match. I highly recommend this course to others who need a refresher or taking it for the first time like myself as a requirement in the workplace. I will definitely be using your services again. Blessings always!!"

14th of January - Winning Feedback from Sukhdeep
“I did my FIRST-AID twice from CPR first aid training and the online module is very informative before attending class. Theo is a brilliant educator with his experience. He teaches in an easy manner so everyone will easily grasp the knowledge. I like them because they run a class every day, easy to book, close to public transport, no fuss. I had my certificate on the same day so no issues at all. I already recommend them to my classmates. Looking forward to do my CPR course again from them. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND STAY BLESSED."

December 2019

16th of December - Winning Feedback from Therese
"As much as I find First Aid and CPR being a super important skill to have and I highly value having them refreshed, it can be a bit of a bore some times as well. CPR First Aid Training is really doing a great job in delivering the course in a way that gives you everything you need but doesn't drag out for unnecessary time. I have also received my certificate the same day both time I have done a course with them, which is very valuable at times! This year my instructor Chris was sharing a lot of extra bits of golden nuggets in regards to your personal safety which I found super interesting and useful! Plenty of things I had never thought about before. Thanks, Chris!"

10th of December - Winning Feedback from Lisa
"Can highly recommend the training with CPR First AID. This was my first ever CPR training session for myself & my fellow employees. We found it very informative, professional, clear & concise. The company and its trainers are experienced & equipped to answer any question thrown at them. Due to my new work role, I was asked to complete HLTAID003 course in Doncaster (VIC), our trainer made us feel very comfortable & welcome in the class ... her great sense of humour, her stories, interactive activities / role-play, etc. made sure everybody had a turn and we all understood each module. The theory/online course was quite interesting and full of information that we will certainly use in the future. Thank you CPR First AID for the great experience! 🙂 10/10"

4th of December - Winning Feedback from Shelley
"They are a great company to use and I have used them for many years now. Awesome trainers, lots of training locations and it is always a great learning experience."

November 2019

26th of November - Winning Feedback from Sarah
"Highly recommended!!! I had my first aid training in Parramatta today and the trainer was absolutely amazing! She was very thorough and answered every question! Previously I have always felt like first aid classes were too much information in one sitting but somehow she made it comfortable and easy to understand without it being stressful. The online modules were really well planned and easy to work through. Thank you so much for making it the very best experience! I will definitely recommend CPR First Aid Training to friends and family!!!"

20th of November - Winning Feedback from Ciara
"The trainer was very knowledgeable and had tons of experience handling various situations that required first aid. I learned so much from the in-person training and online modules. I feel way more confident about doing CPR on a human if I ever have to. I went to a training course in Melbourne CBD and it was only a 5-minute walk from the train station. I got my CPR and first aid training certificate within two hours of completing the session. Thanks!"

11th of November - Winning Feedback from Raquel
"Have been doing CPR First Aid with this organisation for the last 6 years and have seen a gradual improvement in the delivery of information as-well-as the demonstrations we are shown. Love that they have multiple locations that make it highly accessible and different times to choose from!
Highly enjoy their courses, fun and engaging👏"

October 2019

30th October - Winning Feedback from Jacqueline
"I’ve done a lot of their First aid and CPR courses across the years and I find it’s just getting better and better. Great quality, easy to follow online learning and great instructors. Excellent stories that help consolidate learning. I’d highly recommend it."  

24th October - Winning Feedback from Ashleigh

"Given I have attended numerous first aid courses before, it was great to have an instructor who could keep me thoroughly engaged throughout the four hours (which seemed to fly by!) and someone who was so clearly passionate about CPR and first aid training. Theo's wealth of knowledge, willingness to answer questions, sharing of personal experiences and support and encouragement was fantastic. Theo continually reinforced the key points allowing me to leave the class feeling confident in my ability to provide support to someone during an emergency. Booking was simple, fees were affordable, the online modules were easy to navigate and there was ample parking available (at the Bundoora session). It's no surprise that I would highly recommend CPR First Aid to others!"

15th October - Winning Feedback from Jennifer

"Highly recommended. Offer morning, afternoon and evening classes. There is an option to do online modules so you only have to attend a 2-hour practical class. This comes in very handy for health care professionals that are refreshing their mandatory competencies. Lots of locations so very close to home. My trainer was excellent. She got straight into it and didn't get us bogged down in unnecessary content."

8th October - Winning Feedback from Elizabeth

"Had my CPR refresher course with Joan yesterday. As a trainer, she was very engaging and informative. Using her depth of knowledge to convey the serious nature of the topic as well as keeping us focused on the course materials. She ensured that each of us fully understood the material and gave a good balance of covering materials as well as using her own real-life experiences to fully convey the variabilities involved in real-life situations.
She instilled with us the value of good communication in these situations and I firmly believe I will retain the information well because of this.
I would highly recommend CPR First Aid Training and Joan to any of my colleagues, friends or family members taking on the responsibilities of becoming first aid and CPR practitioners. Thank you for a great morning!"

September 2019

30th September - Winning Feedback from Jessica

"Being able to work through the theory in my own time before attending the course was such a benefit to learning and refreshing my First Aid skills.
It made the class training flow much easier and allow more time to focus on the practical nature of CPR and First Aid techniques.
John conducted training with excellent personal skills. He was assertive, organised, thorough and created an environment where we were all confident to learn together and felt supported.
I highly recommend CPR First Aid for all training requirements."

24th September - Winning Feedback from Hanson

"Completed my First Aid and CPR course with CPR First Aid Training for the third time. Second time at the Adina in Melbourne CBD (excellent, well-located venue). I love that I can have a streamlined learning experience covering the most important aspects after completing the theory component in the comfort of my home. Suzi, our instructor, did a bang-up job on the day who kept us engaged the entire afternoon with relevant experiences to give us practical knowledge that could not be learned by "by-the-book" coursework. Her impression of a group of drunk individuals during one of her callouts as a paramedic was worth the price of admission alone (which is a super-affordable fee by the way). Highly recommended!"

17th September - Winning Feedback from Victoria

"Five-star experience from start to finish. Easy booking system, competitive pricing and lots of locations to choose from. I liked having the option to shorten the face to face time by completing the online theory modules. I attended the CPR and first aid course in Heatherton which had ample free parking and was clean and modern. Our instructor was upbeat and informative. He made the class interesting and relevant by elaborating on the theory and telling stories from real-life situations. The 4-hour course flew by and was a great refresher. 👍" 

10th September - Winning Feedback from Ashley
"Always such friendly and awesome staff, Chris, in particular, is great at his job and makes it very fun and exciting to complete your CPR or first aid qualification!
Highly recommended"

3rd September - Winning Feedback from Simon
"I completed my HLTAID004 yesterday at Noble Park VIC. Booking was easy online and it was well priced. It was flexible and the location was convenient for students who want to drive there or catch public transport there as there is lots of parking available at the venue as well as being able to walk for a short distance to the station and bus stop. Having a cafe near the classroom was convenient as it allowed us to quickly purchase something from the cafe during our break. The online module was useful with lots of information. Also, my instructor Ken is an excellent trainer and person as his knowledge is very thorough, he was professional throughout the day. He was also really understandable as he is always cautious of our health, safety, and wellbeing. I also enjoyed Ken's enthusiasm and passion towards the subject as he uses a variety of tools to support our learning as well as using a range of different voices, tones, and actions to keep us engaged. I also appreciate his questioning techniques. Overall, his class was engaging, interactive, and useful. In addition, I am so pleased that I got my certificate on the same night via email, even though it was on a Sunday. I highly recommend everyone to go with CPR first Aid Training for you require a certificate whether you need it for your job or whether you want to save lives voluntarily."

August 2019

27th August - Winning Feedback from Cassandra

"Completed my CPR refresher yesterday! Booking was easy online, with customer support fantastic when I needed to change dates. The location in Bundoora is close to home with heaps of parking available, with cafes to grab a snack and coffee. Modules online were easy to do and extremely informative. My instructor Joan was so thorough and helpful in answering questions and running through everything. The course ran on time which is really convenient. The class was interactive which was awesome and helped to stay focused 😊 and I received my certificate the same day via email!! 6 stars!! I look forward to booking in next year and have recommended my uni friends and colleagues in Melbourne to go with CPR First Aid Training 😄😄😄"

20th August - Winning Feedback from Stephanie
"I've completed my First Aid & CPR with them 3 times now and recently I just updated my First Aid in Sydney with Rhys and Manie. I've always found CPR First Aid courses are fun and engaging, I've completed First Aid with other organisations and the experience has been pretty dry and boring. I felt as if I had gained the skills required and also felt confident walking out I would be okay helping in a first aid situation. I highly recommend them, easy location to get to via public transport, lots of course options, fun and engaging class, and the instructors are informative without seeming repetitive and boring."

13th August - Winning Feedback from Alison
"The online booking was simple to navigate, the course information was clear and easy to work through, and the instructor Chris was knowledgeable and delivered the practical information well."

6th August - Winning Feedback from Julie
"Great session yesterday with Theo, he kept the class moving, very informative and relaxed, would highly recommend CPR First Aid."

July 2019

30th July - Winning Feedback from Ahlfie
"It was a great learning experience. I have completed my First Aid with CPR course at Melbourne CBD with Joan. Booking is such a breeze. You get to choose the most convenient hours and dates for your course. It’s affordable compared to other training centers, yet offers excellent training to their learners. The online module really did help a lot to make the training easy. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. Thus, giving you the right knowledge and skills. They have complete equipment, such as manikins and AEDs for learners’ hands-on. Definitely worth it! Kudos to CPR First Aid!"

24th July - Winning Feedback from Naomi
"I did a full CPR and First Aid course in Frankston, and I would definitely recommend to others. Booking online was easy, and there were plenty of dates and venues to choose from. Honestly, because the price was lower than the other companies I looked at I wasn't expecting much, and I was really surprised at how great the training was. The online course material was user-friendly and easy to follow, and the training on the day was faultless. John the trainer balanced humour and professionalism very well and was able to both expand on subjects on request, but also keep the timetable on track. I received my certificate via email within a few hours which is fantastic." 

18th July - Winning Feedback from Penny
"I completed my first aid course with CPR First Aid in the city on Saturday afternoon (July 6th). Attending a course on a Saturday afternoon can be a bit of a downer on the weekend, however, our instructor John made the time go quickly and the course enjoyable. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve completed my first aid course, however, what made this one stand out was the way John made scenarios realistic and relatable. You could imagine situations where you could use your first aid skills and he outlined what to do in these situations. Not only during, but afterward, including communication with the person requiring first aid, family members and bystanders. He explained typical reactions in these situations from his own extensive experience in first aid and ways to manage situations. John had the correct balance of theory and hands-on components to the class and worked hard to share as much information as possible in the time we had for the course. It is so easy to book online and the location of the course is very convenient. The fact classes run daily and at different times mean attending a course that fits in with your schedule easy. I will be recommending this course to my friends and coworkers." 

9th July - Winning Feedback from Jessica

"I completed the CPR/first aid training in Bundoora on 1st July 2019, with Suzi. It was a fantastic experience and one I am already telling all of my friends and family about! 
Suzi was approachable, knowledgeable and her experience as an ambulance worker meant she had real-life examples to share with us. The four hours went very quickly because I found myself captivated by her examples and it really put into perspective the importance of being trained in first aid. 
Added to this, before the face-to-face training, I had to call the company to reschedule my training (due to a funeral) and they were very accommodating, with no hassles.
Thank-you to Suzi and the team for an enjoyable and seamless training experience. I will continue recommending this service to family and friends because I think it is important that the community become well-versed in first aid and CPR."

2nd July  Winning Feedback from Wendy
"Attended CPR/First Aid last week, it was great completed on-line theory before I attended which I had an email to remind me it had to be completed 24hrs before I attended the course, this was my first time attending a course without any work colleagues Chris our trainer made us feel all welcome & relaxed and got everyone involved. CPR was shown for an adult, child & infant Chris was brilliant with the demonstrations and got everyone to try can't recommend this course enough! I attended the course at the Quest Moorabbin"  

June 2019

26th June - Winning Feedback from Oshini
"Completed “CPR 2hrs” session with a well qualified and experienced trainer-Norm at the Noble Park Aquatic entre . Plenty of parking and a cafe available. You can choose to do a theory module online before the practical session. Interactive session with Norm who delivered the content in a fun and effective way , each participant was trained CPR practically on all adult, child and infant manikins. Received the certificate before the day ended! Highly recommended!"  

18th June - Winning Feedback from Karyn
"June 10th I attended the 4hr course after traveling 350 kms. As usual CPR was very professional and Chris was awesome. Fantastic representative for CPR and so informative.
Price was excellent and location in Flinders St is great.  Would and have highly recommend this organisation to fellow nursing staff and others.  Congrats and great training. See you again soon. 

11th June - Winning Feedback from Stefanie
"Great course with some lovely people. Ken was enthusiastic and his passion was really great to see. I learnt lots and would highly recommend."

6th June - Winning Feedback from Lester
"The trainer was very knowledgeable with the subject. She knew every bit of what she's discussing, and was able to answer all the questions well. It was very informative as well as entertaining experience. You guys really made sure it was an easy subject to learn. Thank you so much and more power. 😀"

May 2019

28th May - Winning Feedback from Sigourney
"As a nurse, I’ve done 10 years of CPR updates and I wish I found this company sooner!!
CPR First Aid’s easy to access online training was simple, straight forward and didn’t take too long to complete. The company is up-to-date and compliant with all Australian Resuscitation Council standards and theoretical and practical education was appropriate.
Our instructor, Norm, was knowledgeable and spoke from his own experiences — which made a big difference to the CPR newcomers in the course. You could tell he genuinely cared that the students on his course succeeded and were going to be great First-Aiders!!"
21st May - Winning Feedback from Angela
"Been doing all my first aid and CPR refreshers with these guys for 5 years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else even if it was for $20! I’ve always found the trainers to be fantastic, both as trainers and individuals, and they manage to put a bit of fun in the training environment which is a plus! Had Theo recently and he was hands down awesome!! Looking forward to future training with these guys and so should you! I’d give them seven stars if l could and it all comes down to the trainers 👍"
8th May - Winning Feedback from Shirley
"Today I did my CPR and First Aid renewal training with Ken at Quest Narre Warren. This is the 2nd time I have done my CPR course with this company and I still definitely highly recommend it. The course is affordable and fully accredited. The online theory was easy to follow and interactive. The practical session was engaging and very hands on. Ken is an experienced trainer!! I would most definitely go with this company again for my next renewal. Also if you do the morning class and pass, they issue the certificate that evening!! Can't get any better than that!"
April 2019

30th April - Winning Feedback from Krystyn
"I've done both my CPR refresher and first aid refresher with this company and was thoroughly impressed both times. More recently I had Norm who was a every enthusiastic and engaging trainer who made the experience much more enjoyable, especially on a Friday night. Would recommend this company highly to anyone!"
3rd April - Winning Feedback from Rebecca
"I did the 5 hour First aid and CPR course today in Melbourne with Theo and it was absolutely fantastic! I could not have asked for a better instructor. He always ensued we were happy and confident before moving onto the next topic. The lesson was very informative and fun! Of all the first aid providers out there, CPR first aid is definitely one of the best. I left feeling way more confident and knowledgeable. I highly recommend it to everyone 😄"
March 2019

27th Mar - Winning Feedback from Viera
"One of the best courses I have ever had, trainer kept me motivated all the time, excellent balance between theory and practice. Clear and understandable way of delivery. A lot of very useful information."
19th Mar - Winning Feedback from Meryem
"Hi! I really enjoyed the CPR course. It was well trained and easy to follow. I had anxiety until the trainer was so brilliant at communicating her real stories and great witty personality made it easier for me to understand. Great work, keep up the good job. I will always use your training facility. Thank you Suzi Blackburn, it was refreshing to have someone who has been not only CPR qualified but also trained in ambulance and has great knowledge of real stories of CPR and saving lives. You delivered a fantastic training day that has resulted with teachings that will stay as a result."
13th Mar - Winning Feedback from Jessica
"The Parramatta location has lots of parking, close food options for lunch and was very easy to find with the maps emailed to us prior to the date and the signage throughout the centre. My trainer Dustyn was very thorough, answered all questions, was very supportive to make sure everyone passed their course on the first go and was very friendly not to mention humourous. The course was very very affordable and the cost was well below the competitors prices. I’ll be telling all my childcare friends to go to you guys for training and in the future, I won’t go anywhere else to complete my training. I look forward to refreshing my CPR training in 12 months!"
6th Mar - Winning Feedback from Bryan
"Was the one of the best experiences that I experienced ever since I arrived in Australia. Chris was superb and never a dull moment, had the 5 hour CPR, First Aid course. Will definitely be back next year. Cheers!"

February 2019
27th Feb - Winning Feedback from Bethany
"I did the 5hr CPR first aid course and it was incredibly engaging and thorough! I’ve done my fair share of first aid courses and went along expecting to be bored out of my mind (thinking I knew it all already 😉. Turns out there was a lot that had changed! The trainer was enthusiastic & very knowledgeable, there were lots of group activities to help you put the information into practice 🙂 I’d highly recommend."
19th Feb - Winning Feedback from Kylie

"Today was my 3rd first aid course I’ve completed. This was the first time with your company. Joan was fantastic at the Quest Bundoora. The course was informative, friendly, direct delivery in a professional comfortable environment. The location and parking was easy and convenient. The course was completed within the anticipated time which was also great. Thank you, see you in 12 months for CPR update."

13th Feb - Winning Feedback from Vivi
"The class was fun, a lot of practical, easy to understand. The Trainer Dustyn was very helpful and amazing."
6th Feb - Winning Feedback from Elise
"Just renewed my annual CPR and next year I’ll be back for my third year with CPR first aid. Both experiences have been clear, succinct and very interesting. It makes a huge difference having such experienced instructors who can draw from real life experiences. The atmosphere is very welcoming and you don’t find yourself counting down the hours until you’re done. Excellent air con on a 39 degree day was also a bonus!"

January 2019

30th Jan - Winning Feedback from Fiona
"I've used these guys for my first aid and CPR training for 5 years now, and I'd be hard pressed to use anyone else! They've got great prices, locations and availability, and they don't muck about - you get exactly what you need to know quickly and clearly with a good sense of humour and community thrown in too."
23rd Jan - Winning Feedback from Tara
"Loved this course, Allan made it fun and interesting as well as educational. The hands on sections allowed for a clearer understanding and stopped the day from seeming too long. Good job all round, highly recommend."
16th Jan - Winning Feedback from Nathan
"I took the combined First Aid & CPR course (HLTAID001,2&3) and I could not recommend it more highly! The pre-course online theory was well structured and easy to digest. The course itself was excellent, with an engaging and dynamic mix of theory and practice. Our instructor Norman was high energy, passionate and very well informed. The location at 550 Flinders street is super convenient. The venue was clean, air conditioned and we were provided with great practical tools to assist our learning such as CPR dummies (infant, child and adult) training EpiPens and ventilators etc. This course was a solid first step toward my future nursing studies and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to acquire these valuable life skills. Finally I found CPR First Aid to be the best value out of all the agencies and I received my qualification the same day as my course."
9th Jan - Winning Feedback from Sarah
"The pre-theory component set us up well for the day long class, and meant we could focus on the application of theory into practice. Suzi was a fantastic trainer, has years in the field, and we can see why she was training the new paramedics previously.
Very thorough and worth the money and the travel to do through CPR FIRST AID. My younger sister and I did it together, and both commented on the great balance of practical and theory.
Will definitely return when I need a refresher! Thank you again Suzi for a fantastic and well-organised session!"

December 2018

I completed the first aid course there (Melbourne CBD) on the 28th of June 2017.
On the 13th of November,2018, I was jogging with a friend,who went into Cardiac Arrest. I proceeded to give him CPR. He did stop breathing at the time and i was able to revive him until the Fire Brigade and Ambulance arrived. To cut a very long dramatic stressful story short, I was able to save my friends life due to what I learned at your course. My friend ended up having to have a 5 bypass heart operation at the Royal Melbourne hospital,and amazingly now making a full recovery. I just wanted to let you know,and i am very grateful for what I learned and i will be back next year to do a refresher course.
Best Wishes Justin